Hypnotist, Mind Reader and Motivational Speaking Specialist, Barry Sinclair uses his talents to entertain, educate and facilitate individuals and groups.

The Barry Sinclair Show

Barry Sinclair’s fast-paced performances are equally at home in a theatre, in colleges, at corporate functions, parties and special occasions, particularly weddings. His skills are also invaluable for improving well-being, increasing energy levels and enhancing lifestyles.

Discerning audiences will appreciate how his humour can often mask the depth of his actual power. This multi-level presentation allows the individual to enjoy Barry Sinclair at their choice of level. These are the ingredients behind the real magic, which explains his appeal to such a wide range of audiences.

His presentations are always up market, wholesome and sophisticated, making his shows a hit anywhere. They are versatile too. The commercial world of Theatre and Cabaret also eagerly seek his services.

What Audiences Say ...

College audiences are mystified when it comes to understanding how Barry Sinclair brings his magic of the mind to the stage. But Barry Sinclair’s popularity on the college market is no mystery at all. In fact, The Irish Independent said, “Barry Sinclair is the king of college entertainment!”

What does Barry Sinclair do that makes him so successful on the college market? When he visits a college it’s not just a performance, it’s an experience! Barry Sinclair is able to join two borrowed finger rings. Minds are read, predictions are made and people hypnotised instantaneously. College audiences are truly bedazzled by Barry Sinclair.

Barry Sinclair is at home in any theatre. Audiences return again and again, the mark of a real Star.
Barry Sinclair has won The College Performer of the Year accolade on three occasions and has also received The Hypnotic Entertainers: Outstanding Achievement Award. The energy and focus of college audiences creates a tremendous synergistic impulse throughout the Barry Sinclair Show.
Barry Sinclair has been the premier entertainer on the most exclusive corporate circuits for over 25 years. His resume includes two appearances in the White House for Presidents Carter and Reagan. When event planners need everything to be perfect, Barry Sinclair delivers every time.
Barry Sinclair’s spectacular and dazzling show ensures parties and special occasions are suitably exciting. Guests’ participation in the interactive fun makes for an unforgettable experience.
Barry Sinclair can add an extra dimension to any wedding day, with a top-drawer mix of magic, comedy, mind games and hypnotism, with a tailor-made show to entertain guests on that special day.