Many people in the world today are unhappy and need help. I feel I should write this small e-book in an attempt to bring happiness to people who are unhappy or frustrated because they have not reached their full potential. I believe I can unlock the qualities in people which they did not even know that had and at the same time help them to overcome their inhibitions and to increase their concentration. In my private practice I have helped people to overcome alcoholism, smoking, feelings of inferiority, inability to cope with the stresses and strains of life to name but a few, but in my opinion the cure in each case always had a common factor – HOPE and SELF CONFIDENCE.

When people lose hope in a particular area progress is impossible. For example, people on skid row have lost hope and confidence completely and the only comeback for them is to rekindle the flames of hope by presenting them somehow with a desire to reach a goal and a belief in their ability to achieve it. But that that is skid row and these people are unlikely to recover because nobody cares enough about them or loves them enough to cause them to desire sufficiently any change. Normally people do not lose hope completely and therefore retain some degree of desire and motivation. But they do resign themselves to staying in a rut in which they are not really happy. They feel they are not really succeeding to the degree they should, they want to do things and they can’t even make a start – this is skid row only at a higher level – they are not really sure what is holding them back. Is it the government? Lack of a good start in life? No it’s none of these things but – you’ve guessed it already – IT’S THEMSELVES, and their own lack of confidence.

What I am going to try to do in this book is to give YOU – HOPE – DESIRE – CONFIDENCE in yourself. And once you get going on this path you will find within yourself talents and powers that you perhaps have never used. Come with me through the pages of this book, and at the end I hope to have beside me someone I have helped.

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