Hypnosis For Weight Loss


Every week if not every day there are new books on how to lose weight. Why?

Well because the earlier books did not work and most likely neither will the latest. This also applies to articles in newspapers. Magazines are also peppered with articles about losing weight. If there is a secret to losing weight, why all the books etc? surely only one page with the secret would do forever. Probably one paragraph would be enough. Overweight people are disappointed repeatedly as they try one new claim after another.

Actually the secret is there is no secret. The information one needs to lose weight and keep it off is well known. While people search for this secret they are missing the simple truth. They don’t have to look far for this truth it is right within themselves.

People go on a diet and lose weight for a time then put it back on with a vengeance. It is easy to see why one cannot live one’s life in a state of perceived deprivation forever. When people diet they think of food all the time but they think of all the wrong food, the food they cannot have on a diet. They just cannot keep resisting these thoughts and so break down and end up on some other diet and the whole thing starts again. The voice in their heads says “go on just this once” “it can’t do any harm you can make up for it later. You work hard you have earned this” So they take something forbidden to them and of course they are immediately sorry. They have broken their diet but they resolve to start again tomorrow. Tomorrow comes the little voice says “no good starting now start on Monday”. Monday comes but they are tired so they’ll start on Tuesday. Tuesday comes but that’s no day to start “I’ll carry on and really really roll up my sleeves and start next Monday. This is the story of most people who try to lose weight.

Do not eat fattening food eat food that’s not fattening (and not too much of that) We all know the difference between the fattening and non fattening food (well you should, remember all the books and articles)

Do a little exercise (don’t overdo it or you won’t keep it up) a 30 minute walk twice a day would be great.

Keep this style of eating and modest exercise up for the rest of your life and you’ll be as slim as you wish.

It is so simple but it sounds like a life jail sentence. (get into that jail and eat only boring food and do your exercise, and this goes on forever). It’s enough to make you want to rush to the nearest fancy restaurant in your car.

Everyone knows what to do but who’s going to do it? Not many. Hence all the books, people keep hoping and searching for a solution involving no change in their habits whatsoever. So is it impossible? So many people fail despite their good intentions. No it is not impossible in fact it’s easy and simple when your mind is on your side. Get the right attitude and be happy to do what you know you have to do this is the only way really. You have to get out of your own way and let your mind take you where you want to go.

Hypnotism is the most effective, efficient and fastest way to do this.

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