How You See Yourself ?

I believe that the root of our successes and failures in this life all boil down to the message in that little picture. What we get out of life depends on how we see ourselves. No doubt, that little kitten in the picture sees nothing as an obstacle because he sees himself as the king of beasts. After all, a lion is all-powerful. A lion cannot be defeated. This little kitten would not run from danger, because of the way he sees himself.

We all have areas of our character where we need to be able to see ourselves as lions, invincible and all-powerful. The unfortunate truth is that most don't know how to begin to see themselves as such. We continue to see ourselves as kittens, again and again. 

Overcoming failure and achieving ultimate success depends on our ability to be able to begin to view ourselves as the king of the jungle in particular areas. 

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A Kitten Or A Lion ? 

Sometimes we have to ignore reality (which is the kitten) and see ourselves as if we were using our true potential (the lion) in order to overcome the obstacles preventing us from achieving the gift of the power that lies dormant within us.

What areas of your life are begging for you to begin to see yourself as a lion? Talk to yourself. Speak positive things about yourself and your abilities. As you do so, you will begin to become the very thing you desire.

How do you see yourself? 
Hypnotism can delete the negative programs in your mind and replace them with positive programs and because the subconscious mind is a goal striving mechanism we will all rise, fall or remain with the level of our own thoughts. 

That is why the programs you place in your mind should always be positive and be in harmony with your moral, social and ethical reservoir.

Hypnosis is successful for...

Smoking, eating problems, nail-biting, drinking, insomnia and gambling.
Mental Skills
Improvement of concentration, studying, sport skills, selling skills.
Emotional Problems
Anxiety, stress, tension, panic attacks, phobias, examination nerves, anger, travel, fear of flying, shyness, blushing and erectile dysfunction.
Problems With A Physical Dimension
Incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraine, eczema, asthma: where these are triggered by internal factors such as emotional stress, and not by some physical factor such as diet, allergies etc., though even such cases may benefit to some extent; muscular pains and tensions, sexual problems.