To Mr. Barry Sinclair
Dear Mr. Sinclair
I wish to testify that I attended one of your clinics in order to obtain help to stop smoking.
Having now reached 61 years of age and smoking an average of 20 cigarettes a day for over 40 of those years I was not too hopeful of a good result. However I am delighted to say I have not smoked since attending your clinic! Previous attempts to stop smoking or reduce the number have never been successful. I am fully determined this attempt will succeed and am sincerely grateful for your obvious help in producing this state of mind.

Many Thanks

– Bob McNair

Dear Barry
This is just a short note to thank you for helping me to give up smoking. Any time I had tried previously to give up the habit I usually became very agitated, restless, craved tobacco and ate more. I could never last for more than two days without relapsing. I had quite a problem and had been smoking since I was thirteen up until you saw me at the age of twenty six smoking 60 a day.
Since seeing you it is now nearly 10 months I am completely cured no craving, no overeating nothing negative at all. I feel more alert and active especially when I wake up in the mornings refreshed and know I can now definitely say I will never need to smoke again..
Yours gratefully
David Guiney

– David Guiney

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me through hypnosis to stop smoking. I have tried many times in the past twenty years in which I have smoked cigarettes to kick the habit but to no avail. Thanks to you I take great pride in saying to smokers No Thank You I don't smoke and hasten to explain that Mr. Barry Sinclair was the man that made it possible.

– Edith Black

After smoking for 25 years I attended a Barry Sinclair Clinic in September 2009. Since then I have stopped smoking and feel that I will not become a smoker again, I had tried to stop many times in the past without success.

– Frank Nevins

My Grateful thanks to Mr. Sinclair for enabling me to stop smoking. I had this habit for 17 years, smoking 25 a day and due to my lack of will power I made several attempts to stop on my own. Thanks to Mr. Sinclair I have now kicked the habit I would strongly recommend anyone who would like to stop smoking to see Mr. Sinclair as I feel it is well worth the money.

– Geraldine Taylor

I would like to thank you for helping me to stop smoking by putting me through hypnosis. I went to you that day thinking that this would not work for me, as I had tried to stop in a lot of different ways. Buying the non smoking chewing gum, smoking herbal cigarettes etc. and nothing worked for me. I am glad to say that your hypnosis is the only thing that helped me and has made me feel a lot healthier and really proud when someone offers me a cigarette and I can say no for once in my life thanks to you.

– Helen Jackson

With the help of hypnosis from Barry Sinclair I have been off cigarettes for over a year.  I feel great Thanks Barry

– John O'Rourke

It is now four weeks since I attended the Barry Sinclair Clinic. Although somewhat dubious about the outcome of this treatment, I am delighted to say I have now stopped smoking. There have been times when I have craved for a cigarette but Barry Sinclair has shown me how to combat this desire.
I would highly recommend hypnotism to anyone addicted to tobacco if they are looking for the ultimate way to overcome the dreadful practice.

– June Beatty

My sincere thanks goes to Mr. Sinclair for the wonderful way in which he helped me to stop smoking. I have tried various ways in the past all of which have been unsuccessful. This for me has been a very easy method to stop smoking and I will always be indebted to this man for his help. I would be willing for him to use my name to help him in his good work.

– Leo McKee

I am taking pen in hand to let you know how grateful I am for you stopping my smoking habit. I had been smoking for ten years approximately as much as 20 per day. Not only was the dirty habit taking money I could not afford it was making the whole house smell bad from filthy ashtrays. Well Sir it was like a miracle I haven't had a cigarette since then, almost a year ago, and I don't even miss smoking.

– Marion Shaw

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
Just a few lines to thank you for your help in getting me off the cigarettes – after 40 years of heavy smoking. I tried a lot of other methods but nothing worked. Then I happened to see a notice in the paper that you would be in town. I did not hold out much hope that you would be able to help me but I went anyway.
That was over four months ago and since that day I have never had a cigarette. Not only that, I do not miss them and I do not want them. I feel wonderful and am in much better shape than I have been for years.
Thank you and I wish you continued success with your wonderful gift of being able to help people like me.

– Maura Cranley

Dear Barry,
After eighteen years of smoking twenty cigarettes a day I can hardly believe that I have finally kicked the habit. My family and friends are amazed!
I have tried to stop on numerous occasions but always gave in with frayed nerves after a few days. Without any effort on my part hypnosis has killed the craving for cigarettes and of course I feel much better without them. I can actually taste my food now but I am not substituting it for cigarettes as I would have done before. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hypnosis and haven’t spent such a relaxing hour for many years it is really a lovely therapy.
Barry I am very grateful to you and would recommend your treatment to all smokers who want to give up the easy way.
Yours faithfully

– Mrs MairĂ©ad Buckley

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you for helping me to stop smoking after 56 years. I started smoking when I was 15 and I am now 71 years of age having smoked about 30 – 40 cigarettes per day.
I have circulatory problems which limits my mobility and also makes me prone to thrombosis which can be life threatening. My doctor has continually urged me to stop smoking for this reason. I am supposed to go into hospital for major vascular surgery but my doctor was adamant that whilst I continued to smoke the risk factor would be too great for me to undergo the operation. I decided to attend your clinic Mr. Sinclair, in the hope that you could perform some sort of miracle. I am now very proud to say that having done so I have since stopped smoking which to me and my family and friends is indeed nothing short of a miracle. The beauty of all is that I have no craving whatsoever for cigarettes which means I know I will never go back on them again. I know my doctor will be overwhelmed when he learns of tis great wonder.
If this letter can be of any benefit to you Mr. Sinclair please do not hesitate to use my name in spreading the news of your good work.
Once again I thank you Mr. Sinclair for “saving my life” and I will always be deeply indebted to you for your marvellous cure.
My daughter, who also attended your clinic with me, has also stopped smoking after a 17 year habit; 25 cigarettes a day. We both feel wonderful and we know we will never look back.
Sincerest thanks to you

– Mrs McCotter

With regard to my visit to your clinic I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me to overcome my problem of smoking. I had been smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day for the past 15 years and had the desire but not the will-power to stop. Thanks to your marvelous clinic I have not only miraculously stopped but have no inclination at all ever to smoke again.

– Mrs. J. Kelly

Dear Mr. Sinclair
Having tried many times in the past to kick the smoking habit under my own steam and with negative results I decided to attend one of your clinics and try yet again but under your guidance. This I did on the 6th. May of this year. And quite frankly I am amazed at the result. I am a man aged almost 60 and have been smoking since my early teens – if one counts the odd crafty cigarette outside the school and certainly outside the home where to be caught would have had dire consequences.
Over the years I suppose my average consumption of cigarettes would have been 20 per day- sometimes more but certainly not less. Sometimes I would change to a pipe but nearly always on those occasions I would combine both pipe and cigarettes therefore it was no advantage financially or otherwise.
After attending the clinic I came home it being a weekend when my consumption of cigarettes is at the highest, not being at work. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had no desire to smoke. The following day (Sunday) was the same and so it continued on into the following week. The bad times as I would call them e.g. after a meal or having a social drink with friends when a cigarette for me was a “must” passed off without any desire on my part to smoke and so right up to the present time. I must add that for some time prior to attending your clinic I had been plagued with, at times, a complete loss of taste and smell which ruined many a good meal. I was talking all sorts of tablets and medicine to cure this but since I have stopped smoking – hey presto! All taste and smell has returned. So that seems to me to be an added bonus for my attendance at your clinic, which incidentally, was the most pleasant and restful hour I have ever spent.
My thanks to you Mr. Sinclair for the good work you have done in my case and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends who sincerely wish to kick the “habit”

– P.C. Andrews

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
After smoking 20 cigarettes a day for twelve years I attended your clinic two years ago hoping to give up this habit. I am very pleased to say I gave up without a struggle and did not suffer any of the usual withdrawal symptoms such as turning to food for comfort or becoming restless. I have recommended your clinic to several of my friends they were all delighted with their results. Thank you for your help.
R. Baird

– R. Baird

I always talked about not smoking but I never really did anything about it. My husband read the paper about Mr. Barry Sinclair stopping people smoking so I phoned and went along I thought it would be all kinds of things happening to me but it was nothing like it, I went on the 12th. April at 5p.m. I sat on the chair and I came out of that room and I have not smoked a cigarette from that day, it’s just like a dream. I feel one day I will wake up and smoke again but I hope not Everybody told me I was daft but it really helped me to quit smoking. I know I will definitely stay off them.

– Rose Lea

I started the anti-social habit of smoking seven years ago, at first it was an enjoyable novelty but soon it became essential but not so enjoyable. After a few months I started smoking between forty and fifty cigarettes a day, an unhealthy and very expensive habit.
I must admit quite often within the next few years I enjoyed smoking but a lot of the time I would light one cigarette after another, just through force of habit.
Like most smokers I began to wish I could kick the habit, but when I tried to stop by cutting down I found that after a few days I would be back to my usual amount. To stop at once for me proved catastrophic, my will power was not strong enough. It was then I decided to seek help.
Having read an advertisement I contacted Barry Sinclair to make an appointment. Since the day I was hypnotised I lost all desire to smoke and for nearly two years I’ve been completely without cigarettes.
I would strongly recommend anyone who sincerely wishes to stop smoking and who finds they can’t kick the habit to contact the Barry Sinclair Foundation. It has worked for me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Barry Sinclair and his colleagues in helping me so effectively to become healthier and financially better off.

– Stephen Cairns

I wanted to quit smoking for years. I tried many times and many ways, but I never succeeded! Then, a friend who had successfully quit recommended Barry Sincliar. So I said 'Why Not' and booked a session straight away. Now I am healthier, wealthier and happier and off the cigarettes over five years! Thank you Barry Sinclair

– Tom Whelan

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
For many years I have tried to lose weight, in various ways, none of which, I am sad to say, have been successful. I have spent a lot of money on a variety of expensive diets, pills and herbal remedies, as well as acupuncture, slimming tapes etc. All of them were useless and I just became fatter and fatter which destroyed my self – confidence and in turn I ate more – you see it was a vicious circle.
My friend, who attended your clinic for panic attacks, recommended you to me. At first I was a bit hesitant and nervous but I pulled myself together and went to see you. I am certainly glad I did because I now find that I am now rethinking my eating habits and eating to live not living to eat. The change is amazing. Thank you Mr. Sinclair for giving me back pride in myself. I am losing weight for the first time in my life and it is so easy. In a short while I’ll be as slim as a teenager.
You have my gratitude forever.
Your faithful friend

– Clara Priestly (Mrs.)

My fear of spiders has totally disappeared after visiting Barry Sinclair last year. A miracle? I don’t know how this hypnotism works but Barry Sinclair definitely cured me. I never thought I could get over my fear.

– Deirdre Ingram

My Dear Mr. Sinclair,
It is with gratitude that I write to you. Having tried to lose weight, for a long time now, I am proud to say that I have shed 18 pounds in less than 3 weeks. My family and friends find it incredible that the weight is dropping off without any conscious effort on my part. I can hardly believe the new me.
I must admit my mother attended your clinic for stopping smoking and it worked beautifully for her, this is what gave me the incentive to contact you, in the tentative hope that I would be another satisfied client. And indeed I am! It feels so good to dispose of my outsize clothes and slip into slimmer sizes.
I now find I have no desire for fattening foods at all and am eating a much healthier diet. I will send everyone I know who has a problem to see you because I know you can help them just as you have helped me.

– Deirdre Liddy

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
Having recently attended your weight loss clinic I would like to let you know how well I am losing weight. Over two years ago I attended your stop smoking clinic and since that day I never had any urge to smoke. Five months ago my mother passed away RIP and I never even thought of cigarettes as a comfort. So with this success I attended your weight loss clinic and to my astonishment I am losing weight without trying or counting calories. Now I find I can refuse food. I can drink a cup of tea or coffee without eating a packet of biscuits in fact I now have what it takes to say no to the wrong food.
I hope you will continue with your clinic and that people will come to know how well you can help them with smoking and weight problems.
Again thank you for helping me to improve my health.
I remain
Yours truly

– Elizabeth McCormack

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
I wish to thank you for your great help in overcoming my alcohol addiction. You saved my life.

– James Hennessy

I am very grateful to Mr. Barry Sinclair for helping me with my panic attacks. I have not had a panic attack for over three years.

– Joe Timmons

Dear Barry Sinclair,
For the past few years I suffered from severe panic attacks and a lack of confidence.
I had trouble in attending school because I felt I couldn’t talk even to my own friends which made it worse. I Read your ad. In the paper and eventually decided to give it a try and made an appointment in April. Straight after the session was over I could feel a difference.
Since April I have been going out a lot more than I used to, making more friends and feeling better about myself. I just feel better and better.
Yours faithfully

– Laura Stewart

I am now three stone lighter after just one session with Barry Sinclair. I lost this weight easily in just 18 weeks and have kept it off for over two years. No more yoyo dieting or fad diets. I’m a new woman.

– Lorraine Farrell

I have tried my best to lose weight the last few years but it never worked out for me. Then one night I read about Barry Sinclair so I made an appointment and went to see him. Within two weeks I had lost 15 pounds in weight. I felt really great with myself so I really think it has helped me and I’m still doing well with my weight problem.

– M. Coffey (Mrs.)

Dear Sirs
Mr. Barry Sinclair is the greatest. I suffered for eight years from erectile dysfunction and I was very depressed. I tried everything to no avail. Within my marriage I was ashamed, for those 8 years my confidence was at rock bottom. Having visited Mr. Barry Sinclair he explained that it is a very simple psychological problem, but yet the effects are devastating to a person’s life.
After one hour with Barry Sinclair my life changed forever. The problem cleared up immediately, completely and permanently. My life is back on track in every way. Barry Sinclair will always be in my prayers.

– Name Reserved

I sought Mr. Barry Sinclair’s services to help with my gambling addiction. For years I was a compulsive gambler. I gambled on everything.
I borrowed money to gamble from friends then from virtual strangers and lost it mostly. I had a thousand stories to wheedle money; I would take money with the intention of returning it but never did. For a long time (10 years) I led a degraded and humiliating existence. My life was like a really depressing movie showing how not to live your life. My family disowned me.
I met Barry Sinclair on a ferry to France he was entertaining passengers of which I was one. I told him my story and he was very understanding. He did not judge me or lecture me. He told me he could help me, and he did there and then. He hypnotised me in a meeting room the rest is history. My life is great, talk about a change. The impact of his personality is startling he is also genuinely kind. He did not charge one penny or put me under any complement. He followed up for a time to see how I was going. He is the most influential person in my life. I was very lucky to meet him. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone that needs help.

– Name Reserved

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
I hope you get this letter. I hope that if you do you take time to read it because you should know what wonders you do for people like me who had lost all hope of anything in this life. Let me explain:-
For the past four years my life has been hell. During that time I slept badly every night in a chair – I had a terrible fear of going to bed. I couldn’t even bring myself to do the shopping and my social life was practically nil. My fiancé, who is kind and patient, was nearly driven to despair. This endogenous fear and depression was beginning to put a strain on our relationship. For the past two years he has even paid for private sessions with a psychiatrist but the therapy was to no avail. Apart from this costly treatment I was getting progressively worse. On the odd occasion my fiancé and I did go out for a meal the evening was torturous and I couldn’t wait to get home to “hide” – if you like.
My daughter, who is a great fan of yours, having seen your show many times, suggested going to see you. Admittedly I doubted whether anyone could save me but I was in for a great surprise. In one short hour my whole outlook changed. It was as though I were another person. When I walked into that room I thought I would die of terror. When I left I was a new woman. Thank you Mr. Sinclair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My fiancé and daughter are amazed at the change in me. I now look forward to sleeping in bed at night, to going shopping and enjoying evenings out.
If you think my letter might help others to realise just how you can help them, please use it in any way you think wise.
From an eternally grateful “new” woman

– Sandra Miller (Mrs.)

Dear Mr. Sinclair,
I just have to write to tell you how wonderful I feel. Until recently I was very overweight. I suffer from arthritis in my joints and I also have high blood pressure. From time to time I have angina attacks. I have always known that if I could lose weight my blood pressure would perhaps return to normal; also my arthritis would be less painful and my angina attacks become fewer and fewer. However I have always had a great passion for food, especially sweet things. I thought about food constantly and the more I tried to diet the more I ate. My morale became lower and lower – it really was a vicious circle. My will power was nil – even though I was suffering badly with my painful joints.
Four weeks before I attended your clinic Mr. Sinclair, I visited my G.P. he was quite cross with me for making no attempt to lose weight. I told him I found it impossible, but he was unsympathetic, stressing that it was very important that Lose weight if my health was to improve.
Having seen your advertisement in the newspaper I decided to attend your clinic. Oh! Mr. Sinclair, if I could shout it from the housetops that everyone who is overweight should go to you. The joy of seeing the pounds disappearing because you were able to give me the power of will to eat sensibly is just marvellous. I have told everyone I know about how wonderful you are and I just cannot stop thanking God for the great gift with which you are blessed.
I have already lost 16 pounds in four weeks and am still losing. I am finding it very easy without “pangs” or cravings for sweet things. My whole way of life has changed for the better. My general health has also much improved and my doctor is greatly impressed. Thank you so very much, Mr. Sinclair. May God bless you.
Your grateful friend

– Susan Creighton

My fear of flying was spoiling my holidays every year. I dreaded the thought of flying for weeks before going. Did not enjoy any holiday because I was aware I had to fly back. This spoiled things somewhat for my wife and children, just a cloud over everything. One session with Barry Sinclair and now I look forward to the flight and enjoy the event. I have gone from fear to fun it’s great. Thanks Barry

– Tony Patterson

I suffered from excessive blushing my face, my chest it was terrible, really embarrassing which of course made me blush even more. I had given up hope of beating this problem I couldn’t speak seriously with either a group or even one person without reddening. This made it look like I was lying or guilty of something again making it worse. Anyway Barry Sinclair hypnotised me and I haven’t looked back my problem is completely gone.

– Vera Fitzgerald
Our annual conference with our regional colleagues was the best ever - I still get phone calls about Barry Sinclair, whose presentation was tailored to suit our company - providing rip-roaring entertainment, and at the same time consolidating our company's main policies.   
Val deBruin
British Airways
Barry Sinclair performed at our Christmas Party and the staff still talks about it.  The show is impressive, and full of laughs.  I would recommend this package to anyone who wants to organize an event with a difference.
Mike Gerrathy 
Henry J fashions
The show was spellbinding, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.   Barry Sinclair held us all in the palm of his hand, and gave us great memories of a truly amazing evening.   
Sarah Birkin
National Union of Journalism
Barry Sinclair's presentation impressed our clients so much, business has increased dramatically.  Barry Sinclair's talent in delivering our company's message throughout his act is incomparable.  
Simon Keye
Irish Financial Centre
I know I speak for my colleagues when I say you were the single most effective speaker we have ever had visit us.  Well done, and thank you.
Yvonne Warren
Translation center, United Nations Building, New York.  
As a shy person, I felt moved to write to you, to thank you for bringing me on stage last month.  I did not expect to enjoy it, but it turned out to be a life changing experience.  My confidence has grown already, and I know that this is because of your responsible, and life giving hypnosis methods.  
Doris Layton: 
Satchi & Satchi
As Events Organiser with our club for the past fifteen years,  I can with great authority inform you that this year's annual bash was the absolute best.  It is the most remembered and talked about event of our social club to date.
Dermot Hayes
Irish Life Insurance Ltd.
"Amazing", "Enlightening", "Good clean Fun" - These are just some of the comments gathered from staff and clients after your presentation at our company last month.     You exceeded all expectations, and we thank you for giving us a much-needed boost. 
Louise Tucker
B'nai Brith Congregation
The memories of your show will be with us for a long time to come.  The goodwill, which has spread through our company since your show, is immeasurable.  Thank you Barry Sinclair, we hope to do business with you again in the future. 
Tommy O'Brien
Proctor & Gambol Inc.   
We still congratulate ourselves for bringing you in as our speaker.  Not only did we shock the socks off our clients and guests, we have never seen such a return on the marketing you undertook for us that evening.  Our "two-for-one" offer took off immediately, and we put its success down to your show. 
Jennifer Edwards Marketing Director
Holiday Inn Plc. (Europe)
We had the most amazing and hilarious performance from Barry Sinclair at this year's convention. We saw our colleagues in a new light as they spontaneously responded to the strangest suggestions.  It was the most amazing show I have ever seen.  There were gasps of amazement and roars of laughter.  Barry Sinclair was both masterful and amazing.
This was the funniest show I have ever seen. 
Pat (The Racer) Savage  
Barry Sinclair made our Christmas party rock with laughter.
People are still talking and laughing about it.
Barry Sinclair kept the show moving at an astonishing pace.  It was absolutely amazing from beginning to end.
Everybody wanted more.
I highly recommend Barry Sinclair to any group who want their event to be a rip- roaring success. 
Louise DuBarry
DHL Human Resources 
Barry Sinclair's show is just great.
It is suitable for all ages and has universal appeal.
Everyone that attended the show thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Barry Sinclair show to any group. 
Jacob Jackson
Personal assistant to City manager Edinburgh.

We have had many great after dinner speakers, but the mind magic of Barry Sinclair was the most outstanding.
The mind-boggling demonstrations of mind reading and instant hypnosis from Barry Sinclair were the most amazing & sophisticated entertainment  imaginable.
The polish the humor and the delivery skills brought entertainment and communication to a new level. 
Kathleen Leckey C.E.O.
Cosmos Microelectronics

We were somewhat apprehensive about engaging a hypnotist at first. 
However our local rugby club told us that their experience of Barry Sinclair's show found it totally unique, highly entertaining and very funny with universal appeal.
That was just what we wanted and that was what we got and more.
Barry Sinclair's performance exceeded our highest expectations.  As the organizers of the show we were congratulated.
The participants on stage, the audience and we the organizers all enjoyed a most wonderful experience.
We highly recommend Barry Sinclair and we will certainly engage him again. 
Brian Plumley
Department of Defense
Thank you again Barry Sinclair for your really entertaining performance at our corporate party. 
In my many years of overseeing corporate entertainment I have never had so much positive feedback.
This was an outstanding success and I look forward to having you back again. 
Claire Reddin
Pepsi Cola (Europe Plc.)
You had the audience rolling in their seats. 
Everybody is talking about the amazing Barry Sinclair show.  The hypnosis was phenomenal.  
Personally I found your mind reading both amazing and incredible. 
Please how did you do it? 
Paul Brogan
Director of purchasing
Aer Lingus, Ireland.